Europe at the heart of the debate

The Maison de l'Europe/EUROPE DIRECT Drôme Ardèche organized on February 4th a meeting on the commitment of young people around questions of European citizenship with:

  • Michele Rivasi, MEP Europe Ecology Les Verts, follows in particular the work undertaken with the citizens within the framework of the Conference on the future of Europe around the questions "climate change, environment, health"
  • Max Maldacker, Consul General Emeritus of Germany, sheds light on the European ambitions of the new German government of Olaf Scholz
  • Testimonials from the students of the Maison Familiale Rurale Mondy in Bourg de Péage, who participated in the European Youth Conference in Strasbourg from 24 to 26 January

The program will be broadcast on Monday February 21 and 28 at 19 p.m. and Sunday February 27 and March 6 at 10 a.m. on radio

The continuity of these exchanges will take place during the days of preparation of the Maydays festival, where young people from different MFRs, representatives of the Union, administrators and speakers such as the house of Europe will be present:

  • March 17 at MFR Anneyron
  • April 7 at the MFR Mondy

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