European Year of Skills: towards digital and green technologies

THEEuropean Year of Skills helps people acquire the right skills to access quality jobs and helps businesses address skills shortages in Europe.

Having a workforce with in-demand skills is important for long-term sustainable growth and competitiveness. This will also ensure that the green and digital transitions are socially equitable and just.

Thousands of events and activities on skills development took place across Europe.

THEEuropean Year of Skills aims to close skills gaps in the European Union and strengthen the EU Skills Strategy, which will contribute to the reskilling of people with a focus on digital technology skills and green. This will require helping people acquire the right skills to access quality jobs and helping businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, by highlighting national efforts as well as existing and new European initiatives and EU funding possibilities. It will support skills-related activities and events across Europe.

Throughout the year, various stakeholders, including the Commission, the European Parliament, Member States, social partners, public and private employment services, chambers of commerce and industry, service providers Education and training, together with workers and businesses, have worked together to promote skills development.

The previous session ended with the publication of the conclusions of the European Parliament and the Council. Check them out here. The period which runs from May 9, 2023 to May 8, 2024 is proclaimed “European Year of Skills

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