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Learn more about VET development in the Netherlands

strategies for immigrant students, workplace learning, integrating artificial intelligence and automation into the digital skills of future professionals

International Biennial of Education, Training and Professional Practices

“Building oneself with and in the world: Part of oneself, part of others” was the...

Vocational training recommendations for European decision-makers

David HUBBARD, BAC pro SAPAT final student at the MFR in Barbaste (47) took part in a round table to make the voices of learners heard.

Exchanges of practices between peers rich in lessons

Trainers must instead think of themselves as “course accompanying architects”. They must therefore play a mediator role between the resources and the learner, stimulate motivation to learn without forgetting to support the learners' life projects and lead the community of partners (internship supervisors, business tutors, etc. .).

Mobilize populations far from employment

Proposal for training engineering that favors 6 interactive dimensions

The contributing learner?

As part of the transnational session in Liège (Belgium) from June 5 to 6, 2023. Some...


What integrative work-study does to “Learning”. What digital does to work-study: 2 themes for a...

Ireland, a proactive apprenticeship development strategy

The 3rd training session of the “ApprEUnance” program took place from March 6 to 10...

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