Erasmus+ campaign “Meet Europe, and above all yourself”

The national communication campaign to promote Erasmus+ and the benefits of this program for all audiences, in the education, training, youth and sport sectors has been launched. The objective is to challenge, move, and encourage people to believe that Erasmus+ is a lever of opportunities for everyone, and to change the image of the program. The creation of this campaign was entrusted to the agency

A creative idea that comes in different contents

The campaign tagline, “ Meet Europe, and above all yourself » embodies the promise of Erasmus+ and is aimed at the young Europeans of tomorrow, invited to meet the unknown to finally meet themselves and reveal themselves.

Glenda Gilmore, communications director at the Erasmus+ Agency, details the content of the campaign (all the information here) composed:

  • of a 30 second film
  • of two posters
  • a series of portrait videos, signed by Marion Renerre part of Erasmus+ in London
  • an audio spot will be broadcast digitally (Spotify, Deezer)

After a broad appeal to establishments benefiting from the Erasmus+ program, around sixty former Erasmus+ mobility participants were pre-selected and around ten young people finally participated in the design of this campaign. Meet the stories of DarisEmma, ImanJosephine, Laurine, Maud, NabilSherine & Yanisse.

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