The Great Education News of April 18

The SQOOL TV channel is interested in the Tide project! and interview Ronan - our territorial facilitator...

Erasmus+ campaign “Meet Europe, and above all yourself”

Meet the stories of Daris, Emma, ​​Iman, Joséphine, Laurine, Maud, Nabil, Shérine & Yanisse.

Land Without Borders International Festival

This festival welcomes and educates people of diverse backgrounds, abilities and ages to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and abilities and present them in a public space

Pro Action Café: the method

The Pro Action Café is an animation workshop allowing the reflection of a collective for the emergence of avenues on the problem or the questioning of an individual (in terms of the development of their structure, their environment or territory).

Being a citizen in rural areas: what place for youth?

They were invited to participate in the exchanges of the French Rural Parliament

InVert-R: young rural people and digital technology for a Green and Inclusive Europe

The follow-up project to ReuF! (the Young Rurals make Europe d

Participation in political dialogue in Brussels during the Council of Ministers

Representatives from several countries will continue discussions and pool their experiences on the issue of youth participation in territorial dialogue with a view to contributing to the EU 2027 strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals, based on reality young people in rural areas