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Strategies and opportunities


A delegation of young people from MFR was present in Paris from November 18 to 20 for the...

European partners during #erasmusdays 2022

https://youtu.be/7vUU0jAXhdk Nous aurons le plaisir d'échanger avec quelques partenaires clés des programmes REuF !, InVert-R et VET 4 Change,...

The European Year of Youth

"Young people [should] be able to shape the future of Europe" ~Ursula von der Leyen

Live launch of the European Youth Conference

2 administrators will be present in Strasbourg, a team of videographers will capture the highlights of their discussions with a dozen young people from MFR du Gare, Drôme-Ardèche and St Dié

Launch of the 9th Provox cycle

Provox - the portal for structured dialogue in France The theme of the cycle The thematic framework of the 9th cycle...

EYE2021 - we present the event to you

EYE = European Youth Event, in French the Meeting of Young Europeans On October 8 & 9, 2021, ...

What is structured dialogue?

The objective of the structured dialogue is to organize existing spaces for debate and participation in order to give voice to young people to enable them to participate actively in the democratic decision-making processes of youth policies.

Rural pact and rural action plan

A report will be published in early 2024 identifying areas where more support and funding is needed and outlining the way forward, based on the EU Rural Action Plan. The discussions around the report will feed the reflection on the elaboration of the proposals for the programming period 2028-2034