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A territorial animator must know his territory

“A territorial leader must know his territory”, this is the starting point of the recruitment which took place in Provence for a Leader project.

A territorial facilitator in Provence, funded by the Leader program

The TiDE project! Inclusive rural territories for Sustainable Development in Europe is financed by the Leader program via the GAL Haute Provence - Luberon, supported by the Regional Federation of Rural Family Homes of Provence (as part of Education for Worlds and Others) and carried by the National Union of MFR

Vocational training recommendations for European decision-makers

David HUBBARD, BAC pro SAPAT final student at the MFR in Barbaste (47) took part in a round table to make the voices of learners heard.

Exchanges of practices between peers rich in lessons

Trainers must instead think of themselves as “course accompanying architects”. They must therefore play a mediator role between the resources and the learner, stimulate motivation to learn without forgetting to support the learners' life projects and lead the community of partners (internship supervisors, business tutors, etc. .).

Take part in the Provox campaign

The new Provox campaign begins with a survey. Around this, a questioning in which you are invited to mobilize.

Informal meeting at the European youth event EYE  

The meeting took place from June 9 to 10 in Strasbourg, in parallel with the European Event for...

Voice of young people for the Europe of the future: the first episodes

This first series of 3 episodes was shot during the European Youth Conference...