What is “ApprEUnance”?

For some time and in the face of current developments, this neologism has accompanied the changes in the world of...

Alissone Frandemiche

I am currently working as an assistant for European projects and citizenship at the Union Nationale des MFR as well as...

Olivier Gineste

Responsible for European development, Olivier knew the MFR when he worked in Senegal. His confidence in...

The European Year of Youth

"Young people [should] be able to shape the future of Europe" ~Ursula von der Leyen

8 steps to becoming a changemaker

https://vimeo.com/506204524/0c5c6c54a3 On parle de nous - https://mvt.mfr.fr/index.php/2021/02/24/video-devenir-un-changemaker-en-8-etapes/