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Land Without Borders International Festival

This festival welcomes and educates people of diverse backgrounds, abilities and ages to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and abilities and present them in a public space

VET 4 CHANGE labeled “good practice” by the Erasmus+ agency

VET 4 CHANGE - entitled “sustainable development of rural areas through vocational training” is labeled as an example of good practice.

The regenerative economy, a new look at the development of territories and the place of MFR

The generative economy to enable economic and social benefits to be multiplied while restoring environmental ecosystems.

Pro Action Café: the method

The Pro Action Café is an animation workshop allowing the reflection of a collective for the emergence of avenues on the problem or the questioning of an individual (in terms of the development of their structure, their environment or territory).

The V4C fresco, towards what horizons?

After 2 years of commitment, VET4CHANGE comes to an end. A look back at all the key stages of the project.

To go further: embody the movement

The MFR movement is what illustrates these projects, we are in the movement: we create spaces, we push back the walls a little, we open doors and people have the space to act and think .

The impact of the project on the MFR territory

We are in a transition phase that we must exploit, develop, enrich and there must be everyone's will to continue the project; we can't stop there, young people are counting on us!

Training adapted to the territory: 3-point answer

The question we seek to answer is: in what way training can be more or...