Because young people are the pillars of the world of tomorrow, the European Union supports their involvement wherever society needs their inspiration and their courage to shape a greener and more equitable world and to protect our planet. Thanks to the Young Leaders program, the European Commission gives them a voice. We are indeed convinced that their contribution is invaluable in order to succeed in our global development efforts.


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The Erasmus+ agency represented alongside European partners during #erasmusdays 2022 Nous aurons le plaisir de recevoir Susana Major, de l'agence Erasmus+, à notre événement #erasmusdays2022 d'échange sur les programmes Erasmus+ portés par le réseau...

The use of European funds by the Osijek School of Tourism

They have accessed European funds amounting to 11 million euros to modernize the equipment used in the school, the buildings, the courses of excellence and to produce a change in the method of teaching subjects and manuals.

Non-formal education at the “Terre sans frontières” festival

Young people develop practical skills, receive public recognition for their work from the authorities present at the festival

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