European Youth Conference

The MFR are organizing an event in Strasbourg on January 28 and 29 during the European Youth Conference.

This follows the meeting of young people from France and Europe in Brussels between November 29 and December 1 on the sidelines of the Council of Ministers, which made it possible to prepare the advocacy to be implemented in the territories, following the publication recommendations on youth participation by the Council of the European Union.

In Strasbourg in January, we will prepare the themes of “a Green and Sustainable Europe” and “inclusive societies” on which we will work in 2022, always on the basis of the participation of young people. In 2021, the theme was "the place of young people in decision-making spaces", the results of this course are described in the open letter of young people below.

Young people in politics: let's remove the barriers

The young people present at the Provox 2021 festival, including Manon - MFR Agencourt & Maïlys & Kenzi - MFR Saint Dié, noted that young people are very little represented in political bodies while they are numerous in society and that they are both the present and the future. However, young people have a real desire to change things: they are more and more involved in associations, bring proposals and have a real knowledge of current issues. Politics builds a barrier as we move towards it:

we are heard but not really listened to.

Discover open letter from young people to political representatives

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