EYE 2021 – the European youth event experienced by Manon and Maïlys

Maïlys and Manon took part in the Maydays festival in May and they
wanted to become ambassadors for rural youth, they organized a
debate with young people and elected officials this summer at the national Provox festival
organized by the CNAJEP and they contributed to the proposals which are
submitted to the Council of Europe, which will publish them at the end of November. Manon and
Maïlys are obviously expected for this next step, but it
we have to prepare this together.

The intermediate stage in Strasbourg with our two ambassadors,
alongside the national Provox delegate Enzo Gallet, allowed them to reflect
with young people from Reunion, from the Rural Youth Parliament of Romania
and Iceland, and to share the arguments drawn up since May with
Laurence Farreng, Euro MP, who seems interested in pursuing the
dialogue in Brussels.

Issues of inclusion of rural youth, spaces of expression for
young people in rural areas or the place of girls and women in
these territories are at the heart of exchanges and could serve as a point
support to discuss with CAs.

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