Land Without Borders International Festival

During the largest international family festival on the continent, Land without borders, a week before the start of the new school year, Osijek becomes a city of imaginative creation of something new, inspiring, woven from children's ideas linked in generational creativity, realizing intercultural relationship, dialogue of the entire community.

The parks and streets become a kind of Dream City where you are surprised by the incredible power of childhood, play and imagination, imprinted on your senses.

When we look at our planet from space, we see blue riches and numerous reliefs, but no borders. If they exist, then they are a meeting place where something ends for another to begin. This natural circle forms the backbone of the Festival, which has existed since 2004.

So far, the festival has hosted many famous national faces. All of them contributed to the development of the world of imagination, play and creativity, which are key elements for the quality growth and development of children.

Over the years, the Festival has brought together different themes and brought together more than 400 artists, educational leaders, 200 creators from various professions, 700 volunteers and 30 children and young people, and has become a training ground for the development of family tourism . A place where generations meet, where tradition and urban culture meet, creating a new creative space where you are welcome.

The idea of ​​the Festival is developed by the children through a participatory model in the creation of the Festival. It provides access to a wide range of people by encouraging creativity and cultural development within the community. It includes educational workshops and activities on themes designed by children and young people, aimed at all generations, offering them the opportunity to learn through play and creative expression. By emphasizing conviviality, bonds within the community are strengthened and by integrating international participants and diverse topics, the intercultural dialogue is encouraged. Through creative workshops and interactive sessions, the Festival encourages innovative thinking and provides a platform for developing creative solutions to social problems.

It takes place according to the participatory and experiential model of all the participants involved who have the task of creating an event carrying important messages. Each participant pushes their personal limits on given topics – an equal challenge for children and professionals. The theme is created from different perspectives, interacting with other cultures, where diversity and difference are integrated using art, techniques and creative tools. This creates a nurturing and inclusive environment, builds community awareness and engagement, and uses the power of art, education, and collaboration to solve important social issues. It promotes diversity of cultures, abilities and backgrounds, global themes, environmental sustainability and global issues.

Unlike many festivals which mainly serve to entertain the main audience, this festival welcomes and educates people of diverse backgrounds, abilities and ages to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and abilities and present them in a public space. This participatory approach based on the creation ofimmersive experiences makes it unique. By creating a space where individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds can come together, it promotes social integration and equality and provides a platform for often marginalized voices. Participants mature and grow through this: from workshop participants, they become volunteers, workshop facilitators, start a family and their children are involved in the Festival programs again. This natural circle of life is its main backbone.

He stands out in the public eye for his strong commitment to inclusion and diversity, free participation and the participatory model. It integrates global issues into its programs and becomes not only a place of entertainment, but also a platform for education and social awareness. Its approach based on collaboration with local artists and organizations fosters a strong sense of community, elevating it above the traditional consumer experience. Its impact extends beyond the event itself, with ongoing initiatives and collaborations throughout the year, keeping it in the public mind as a catalyst for positive change. The Festival's unique brand emphasizes its innovative and inclusive nature which sets it apart from other cultural events and becomes reproducible in other communities.

Thanks to the VET4Change project, it was an opportunity to exchange experiences and learn through the experiences of others – how to achieve this and why networking is important and how to use the potential of a community for the benefit of others. The project brought us new ways of thinking and connecting, which we demonstrated not only to organizational representatives, but also to volunteers, decision-makers and teachers.

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