A delegation of young people from MFR was present in Paris from November 18 to 20 for the Provox Festival. This French event of the European youth dialogue is a highlight for the Provox campaign. It welcomed 92 young people between the ages of 13 and 30, 10 political decision-makers and institutional representatives at European, national and regional level, as well as 4 experts on the subjects dealt with. The MFRs of Saint Dié, Anneyron and Vertus were present as well as the MFRs of Reunion, who came with the delegation from Kozemen, which is the Reunion space for dialogue between young people and decision-makers.

For 2 days, these young people from MFR contributed to the development of proposals on the theme of the Provox campaign "Committing to a Sustainable and Inclusive Europe". This feeds into the European Youth Dialogue, an attempt in 18 months to meet two European youth objectives n°3 Inclusive Societies and n°10 A Green and Sustainable Europe.

The young people of MFR have been working since 2021 within their MFR and with decision-makers in the Grand Est, AURA, Gard and Réunion to make the voice of young rural people heard with several partners including the Establishment in Lille and the "explorers of the 'commitment', Batik International which accompanies vulnerable groups around the world, the youth association "Young people from elsewhere, here and around the world" and voicify which carries the voice of young people with a migratory background.

5 subjects are particularly explored during the Festival and the young people of MFR brought their ideas on each of them. For this, they relied on their collective experiences carried out at the MFR on a daily basis because each subject echoed a problem raised by the MFR:

• INFORMATION & EDUCATION Overinformation, reliability of information, feeling of powerlessness: how to better inform oneself and make the link between inequalities and climate change?

• ACTION AND RESPONSIBILITY From the policy of small gestures to public policies committed to the climate, from the demonstration to the vote: how to think of more effective means of action?

• GOVERNANCE Greenwashing, youthwashing, same fight: How else can we create public policies that act for the climate and take into account the voice of young people?

• MOBILITY & SOLIDARITY Clean-up days in Croatia or shared garden in Roubaix: What mobility tomorrow? How to ensure that all young people have access to the same opportunities?

• ACCESS TO INFRASTRUCTURES From transport to food and housing: how to enable all young people to live in a sustainable way?


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