InVert-R: young rural people and digital technology for a Green and Inclusive Europe

is supported by UNMFREO as part of its support for MFR establishments of the Regional Federation of MFRs in Réunion, the Regional Federation of MFRs in Grand-Est and the Regional Federation of MFRs in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

The follow-up project to ReuF! (Rural Youth make the Europe of the Future!) on the theme of contributing to a Green and Inclusive Europe. We will insist on the digital transition as a medium for expression and meeting young people, to encourage their critical thinking and their openness to current global issues. The project will once again be based on the reality of MFRs, their reflections and their actions. This will serve to feed into the European dialogue on policies affecting young people.

On the model of an Erasmus + youth, key action 1 "youth participation", the project will run from June 2022 until December 2023.

Within the framework of the implementation of the project of the movement and more particularly of Education to the Worlds and to Others, the MFR plan activities organized outside of formal education and training to continue to encourage, promote and to facilitate the participation of young people in European democratic life:

· at local and regional level through the continuation of the annual mayday festivals

· and at national and European level with their contribution to structured dialogue campaigns during activities linked to European events (Council of Ministers EU Council, EYE, EDD, Youthconf, etc.)

The MFRs wish to continue strengthening the link between local, national and transnational participation projects aimed at young people and carried out by informal groups of young people in partnership with youth organizations which promote the participation of young people in European democratic life.

The MFRs and their partners wish to pursue the following objectives:

  • provide young people with opportunities to engage in civil society and learn to participate in it by giving young people opportunities to engage in their daily lives
  • participate in democratic life, with the aim of ensuring effective civic, economic, social, cultural and political participation of young people from all backgrounds, with particular attention to young people with fewer opportunities such as rural youth
  • raise young people's awareness of fundamental rights and common values ​​of Europe and contribute to the process of European integration by participating in the achievement of European Youth Goals 3 and 10 "more inclusive societies" and "A Green and Sustainable Europe"
  • strengthen young people's digital skills as well as their media literacy (in particular critical thinking and the ability to evaluate and process information) in order to increase their resistance to disinformation, fake news and propaganda as well their ability to take part in democratic life by choosing their digital uses with full knowledge of the commercial uses of their data and the consequences on democratic dialogue, for example (social networks, etc.)
  • organize encounters between young people and policy makers at local, regional, national and transnational level and contribute to the EU youth dialogue

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