Jeanne: Apprentice at UNMFREO

Currently a student at the University of Belfort-Montbéliard, with a professional degree Attaché to the International Development of Organizations (ADIO) I hold the position of youth project assistant on a work-study program under the supervision of Olivier Gineste.

Living in a rural region myself, I realize the challenges to be met in helping young rural people and accompanying them in the life of citizens and in their professional life.

I participate in the various European projects of the Union Nationale, supporting the teams in their empowerment in the logistical and administrative management of activities. I value the actions carried out on this site, on the youth/citizenship projects to which I am sensitive, as well as on the partnership projects.

The purpose of this year will be to organize the participation of MFRs in the European Development Days 2023 in Brussels.

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