“Reunion is here! “: Erasmusdays in the territory

Lenny Hoareau – responsible for Erasmus projects on the island of Reunion brought together actors from the territory during this event, including Noémie – from the training center ofHere, elsewhere language training and preparation for mobility, the representative of the Cozemen network, Hachim – a young person who participated in the EDD in Brussels and who will represent MFR rural youth at the Provox event, Stéphanie – mobility referent of MFR St Pierre , Madame Payet as well as the South & East local mission, the CRIJ and the employment centre.

All these people have experienced exchanges and workshops to discover the Erasmus program including youth programs [INVERT-R], internships, volunteering through presentations and testimonials. They leaned on the game Panic at the Commission to understand decision-making strategies in Europe.

During the video review with the people present at the round table at the Union Nationale, resources were shared to animate the young people and the presentation of INVERT-R:

Erasmus becomes a strength of the MFR network and is integrated into the training and experiences that young people live on a daily basis, young people are interested in it. The exchanges resulted in 3 important dimensions to explore:

  • the evolution of administrators' involvement in Erasmus
  • improving curricula, training
  • the effect on young people, their commitment to solidarity and the impact on their territories

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