The voice of young people for the planet

We are at the European Development Days # EDD21 - June 2021 - and Marie-CLaire Graf - Focal Point at UNFCCC [United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change], co-founder of the sustainable development week for companies - asks us about the voice of young people for the planet

As the video is in English (English subtitles), we offer you a summary of the key ideas of this exchange:

It is necessary to include young people in decision-making spaces on an ongoing basis. But can young people be represented by a single ambassador? Their voice must be brought by a panel of young people representative of the diversity of their generation; we are also talking here about the inclusion of minorities or audiences far removed from European representation.

A question arises: how to include people who do not speak fluent English? Language is a barrier to the participation of young people. The translation of tools is a first level of action, but the language is not limited to the language chosen to communicate but also to the use of acronyms, often indigestible and misunderstood by young people. The European guide to youth participation must be updated in a language accessible to young people, as well as a simplified process that allows the participation of all

Interest in participation is a consequence of awareness of global issues and societal challenges. The working group advocates environmental education from an early age coupled with a capacity for action, such as spaces for discussion and expression to disseminate their actions. To move from the interest of young people to their participation, we must reassure them about their legitimacy, NO they are not too young, YES we will support them and promote their initiatives

Personal note - it is interesting to note that the key points of the working group were widely discussed during the Provox festival, during which the MFR were represented by 3 young ambassadors (more information to come)

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