European partners during #erasmusdays 2022

We will have the pleasure of exchanging with some key partners of the REuF!, InVert-R and VET 4 Change programs, during our event #erasmusdays2022 carried by the MFR network on Thursday 13 October at the Union des MFR, Paris.

To prepare for this day, the teams share their common vision of the added value of Erasmus+ in the MFR network and the impact of these programs [digipad].

In the program :

  • the close links between the MFRs and Europe (Erasmus in particular)
  • the different types of current and future projects with certain partners
    of the network (InterMondes Belgium, Batik International, IFOCAP, F3E, etc.)
    during short exchanges centered on the changes induced by these projects
  • contributions to territories professional training consortia, partnerships
    strategic: feedback on the results of VET 4 Change – professional training in rural areas, a path to excellence with direct exchanges with European partners (Romania, Iceland, Croatia, Estonia)
  • youth participation projects in the development of European youth policies: closure of the REUF project and launch of the INVERT-R project (KA1 youth) with feedback from the MFRs of Saint Dié, Anneyron and Mondy, as well as the Meeting on the Kozemen program for the territorial structured dialogue
  • a particular focus on the ApprEunance (KA2) and Praline (KA3 adult education) programs and the link with EPALE, given that the European year 2023 will be dedicated to lifelong learning

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