What is structured dialogue?

You must have heard about it through projects led by the National Union or your Regional Federation. However, this term is not familiar to you. The Erasmus + France Jeunesse et Sport agency has made a short video to explain to you in 2 minutes what structured dialogue is.

What there is to know :

The objective of the structured dialogue is to organize existing spaces for debate and participation in order to give young people a voice so that they can actively participate in the democratic decision-making processes of youth policies.

Key action 3 of the Erasmus + program finances projects - such as the one carried by the National Union: REUF [rural young people make the Europe of the future] - to involve the greatest number of young people, including those who are the furthest from reflections on these questions. The MFR network is therefore positioned on a simple objective: to give a voice to rural youth on the political processes which directly concern them.

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