The Great Education News of April 18

Chain SQOOL TV is interested in the Tide project! and interview Ronan – our territorial facilitator in Provence. Find his passage right here:

Can we do a project without investing in its communication component?

To what extent is this dimension essential in a territorial dynamic approach? It is difficult to assess the scope of certain communication actions, yet it is a nerve center, often a point to improve collective projects.

For the TiDE! project, we chose a budget line dedicated to external communication, which allowed us to finalize a collaboration with a local communication agency. “Everyone has their own job” they often say! And yes, having a network of journalists, a press officer and skills in communication strategy allows you to think about coherent and congruent actions. From the first press release, we noted the relevance of this choice with enthusiastic journalistic feedback, such as interview in the Great Education News on

How to choose your communications agency?

For us the choice to work with Tomato Blue – Information and communication agency dedicated to stakeholders in the ecological transition – was obvious because: 

  • there was a human encounter on the ground with professionals
  • we share the same base of values ​​in favor of youth and societal impact
  • the agency has developed media for and by young people/children, thus having an operational toolbox
  • the collaboration was immediately fluid, clearly defined with a dimension of service provider and partners
  • …and above all we work in the same territory, thus mutually enriching the scope of our actions.

The notion of “clearly defined” is essential because the world of communication is vast, and more and more so every day. Our joint reflections led us to define a strategy for social networks, internal communication tools and the deployment of local, national and European echoes. The more precise the editorial line and the means of action, the more impactful the project will be. For example, we determined the “spoken person”, the most relevant spokespersons depending on the subjects addressed: educational, political, social impact.

Communicating is above all a story of encounters! 

The choice of working partners as well as the media used are decisive, strategic and yet remain a human adventure. Communicating well today is still linked to our ability to seize opportunities. The world of the press, social networks and communications in general is very agile and fast. Good timing is a source of opportunity. Hence the importance of several people mastering the subject in order to respond quickly to requests. Decentralization remains a key issue in our modern world to increase our responsiveness.

Together, let's work in the same direction to better communicate and increase our impact!

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