The Second Chance School of Matosinhos (E2OM)

Transnational meeting

From 2 to 4 May 2022, AE2O hosted in Matosinhos the second face-to-face transnational meeting of the ApprEUnance Project.

AE2O promoted the First Meeting of Companies for Social Inclusion. The partners were invited to talk a bit about their own organizations and the work-study system in their country. The objective was to understand how the links were made between the schools/training centers and the companies, how they worked, what type of support the trainees had in the schools and in the companies, the role of the different professionals in this field. , etc.

The partners visited the Vocational Training Center in Porto, managed by the Public Employment Services of Portugal (IEFP), which is the national public employment service, responsible for implementing active policies, including vocational training, in order to promote the creation and quality of jobs and to combat unemployment. In this center there are training methods for young people and for adults.

The Second Chance School of Matosinhos (E2OM)

was born from the need to increase the education system a specific response to the persistent problem of dropping out of school and the low qualification of two young people and opened its doors on September 1, 2008, supported by a partnership between AE2O, Association for Education Chance School, the Municipal Chamber of Matosinhos and the Ministry of Education, being the only Portuguese school in the European Network of Second Chance Schools, E2C – Europe.

The partners were very impressed with the relationship they saw between students, between professionals and between students and professionals. In AE2O, this is highly appreciated. The first priority for professionals is to create a good connection with students. There is the motto “Connect first, then fix”. Partners also appreciated the AE2O methodology of using art as a way to reach students, motivate them and give meaning to their learning.

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