Digital inclusion at the center of a workshop during #EDD22

On June 22, during the European Development Days 2022, the European Training Foundation (ETF), the International Training Center of the ILO (ITCILO) and the National Union of Rural Family Homes for Education and Guidance (UNMFREO) came together for a collaborative discussion.

The session focused on the issue ofdigital inclusion in the 2021st century and the main characteristics of development actions so that they are (digitally) inclusive for all stakeholders. The outcomes of the ITCILO XNUMX Digital Inclusion Summit served as pillars to further explore a new understanding of four key themes:

  • Digital connectivity: what does it really mean to be connected?
  • Digital literacy: how are literacies evolving in our polarized societies?
  • Digital tools: how can we move towards inclusive digital services by design?
  • Radical inclusion: how can everyone participate in and benefit from a learning process?

Together we discussed the 42 practical tips from the summit and worked to transform them into concrete recommendations for development actions in the field of digitization. Development actors around the world discussed how this guidance could help partner countries bridge the digital divide and better integrate them into the global digital ecosystem.

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