# maydaysMFR2021 in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

On May 27, the MFR of Agencourt hosted this event in its premises and allowed 16 young people from the MFR of Anzy & Agencourt to participate in this event. The Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Regional Federation received the National Union of MFR and its partners - Batik International and Electeurs en Herbes, for a day around dialogue

This festival responds to multiple challenges. It provides opportunities for young people interested in their position as European citizens to express themselves on various subjects such as sustainable development, youth, rural areas, etc. We will select the most motivated according to their center of interest to participate in the following European meetings such as the Provox festival, the EDD - European days for sustainable development as well as EYE - European days for youth. This path will lead them to the resolution of the Council of Europe on youth and rural youth.

The young people experienced the opening conference live, to find here. Then they played Panic at the Commission, chaired by a representative ofElector in Grass, a simulation of a European commission.

The young people then exchanged with administrators and local decision-makers to share opinions on the development of the territory around education and youth. The administrators of the CAs of the MFRs represented and of the Regional Federation were invited to this discussion time.

The day continued with the closing conference of the event, in which the young people could actively participate, to be found here. The day did not end here for our young people who experienced the structured dialogue through an activity around the moving debate.

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