We, the young people of MFR and of Europe, we commit ourselves in 2020 to ...

European goals for rural youth

  • Promote a global vision based on human rights
  • Exchange with other countries where rural youth need support as in the Balkans (languages, internships, training, openness)
  • Continue the European, local and national dialogue: integrate the next cycle of dialogue with Europe on youth from the start (July 2020)

sustainable development goals

  • Regularly clean my mailbox and cloud data to limit digital carbon emissions
  • Buy or produce local and fair trade food products
  • Leave the car one day a week for cycling and public transport

issues around migration and refugees

  • Develop a partnership at the MFR with a country welcoming migrants in order to better understand the issues
  • Use sport, art and culture to develop activities at the MFR with refugees and asylum seekers from the territory
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