Voice of young people for the Europe of the future: the first episodes

This first series of 3 episodes was filmed during the European Youth Conference in Prague where young people from the Anneyron MFR and those from the JAIM association were able to debate and express their desire for the Europe of the future.

This experiment marks the end of the REUF! programme, which now gives way to the new Erasmus+ youth program INVERT-R oriented on the voice of young people and digital technology for the Europe of tomorrow.

Episode 1: INFO-INFOX

How are we informed? Is the information reliable? Same alert, do we know how to recognize a fake?


Are rural living spaces accessible and dynamic? Do meeting and sharing places really exist in our territories?

Episode 3: MOBILITY

How could we improve access to mobility for people with disabilities and young minors? Should we improve green transport networks in rural areas as well as road safety?

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