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For years, the MFRs have been involved in European projects, which translate into the development of mobility of young people and adults doing internships in other countries, actions of development of European citizenship and participation of young people in the evolution of European youth policies

This year, many MFR accompanied young people in several European events:

  • The Maydays in May to prepare for future European events by learning to build one's opinion, exchange it with others and dialogue about European policies.
  • Le Provox Festival from July 2 to 4 to discuss between young people and decision-makers on the aspirations and concerns of young people in order to imagine how young people could better find their place in the construction of our society.
  • The Erasmus days from October 14 to 16 to promote European projects, publicize mobility, provide information on the opportunities offered by Europe in terms of education, training and solidarity.
  • THEEYE (European Youth Event) in Strasbourg in October: a meeting of young Europeans face-to-face and online, to share their ideas on the future of Europe. EYE2021 was the culmination of the European Parliament's youth consultation process for the Conference on the Future of Europe.
  • Le Council of Ministers in Brussels on November 29, which will publish the recommendations made by 50 young Europeans.

These initiatives will continue in 2022 with in particular the European Youth Conference in January in Strasbourg, which will allow young people to inform decision-makers about issues that have an effect on their lives and to discuss youth policy.

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