Praline at the European Development Days

Praline will be actively represented at European Development Days, a virtual event organized by the European Commission on the theme: a greener and more sustainable Europe.

The link between VET, adult learning and the SDGs will be discussed during a brainstorming lab organized on June 15. Manfred Polzin and Philippe Ristord will lead one of the 4 groups of 10 people who will discuss through a method similar to the world café method on:

Rural communities, young people and VET schemes as a keystone to tackle the SDGs and the environment by cooperating, changing behavior, improving and re-qualifying people, creating decent jobs and using digital technology .

Indeed, rural areas and youth are a key to a more sustainable environment in Europe and beyond. Surveys on European youth expectations shows that they are eager to live and work in rural areas. With a bit more of information and support, trades in the environmental field are appealing to them. The VET system in rural areas plays an important role in the sustainable development by sharing locally what is at stake globally.

How rural communities and vocational training can be a safe bet to address the green deal for a sustainable future?

Based on experiences of VET organizations in rural areas, this lab could emphasize the leading role of rural areas in innovative ways of addressing the needs in Europe to contribute achieving the "green deal"

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