Praline [Promoting Adult Learning In Networks]

The Praline program (Promoting Adult Learning In Networks) aims to promote Adult Education and Training in Europe through dialogue with the European Commission based on exchange activities between peers on 8 themes. The project brings together 13 partners from 8 countries: Germany, Croatia, Spain, Finland, France, Portugal, Slovenia and Turkey.

The main general objective is to strengthen the existing EUproVET network which is a representation platform for European associations of VET and adult education providers at national or regional level. All current members have a strong commitment to adult learning and education (ALE), but will use the whole EUproVET network to strengthen national support for ALE providers and to improve and promote wider international cooperation around the FTA. Furthermore, the aim is to improve the sharing of best practices (both at practitioner and policy level) of FTA, but also to strengthen the policy reach of EUproVET at EU level.

The PRALINE project will not only strengthen an existing network through enlargement and better geographical representation, but will also establish a type of European Association that did not exist before, as it is not a network of schools or colleges, but associations with access to political decision-makers and stakeholders at national or regional level.

"Adult education and training should not leave anyone by the wayside"


The first activity took place on May 18, 2021 on the theme of sustainable development with a presentation of 100% Inclusion, the “Learning Territories” program and the transnational program of Slovenian training centers. In the introduction, the European Commission recalled the framework and the challenges of adult training in Europe.

At the final conference, we will invite European policymakers and representatives from DG EMPL, DG EAC, the European Parliament and other relevant (European) stakeholders in the field of VET and development throughout long life, such as CEDEFOP and the European cross-sectoral social partners.

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