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Our young national delegates participated in the European Youth Conference remotely in January. They then took part in the National Working Group in March. As a follow-up, they had a meeting with the Office of the Secretary of State for Youth and Engagement in order to prepare the Council of Ministers of the EU and report on the first observations mentioned by young people at the Conference. One of the young delegates will be present on April 5 at the informal lunch of the Council of Ministers of the EU in Luxembourg and at the first part of the Council which will follow.

Political appointment

Our two young delegates, Martina Schiattarella and Maxime Michaud, discussed with Deputy Director Alexandra Leuliette of the State Cabinet for Youth and Engagement. Among the central points, they focused on governance issues with the inclusion of young people in spaces for debate and decision-making with the fight against Youthwashing and the importance of real governance by young people on issues climatic. They also focused their speech on education issues, the need for complementarity of formal, non-formal and informal education and the need for joint work between institutions, local authorities and youth organisations. 

National Working Group (GNT)

On March 15, the second National Working Group (GNT) took place. It was an opportunity to discuss the implementation of the survey and the different ways of making young people think about the major theme "Committing to a Sustainable and Inclusive Europe" through 5 sub-themes:

  • Information and Education
  • Action and Accountability
  • Governance
  • Solidarity and Mobility
  • Access to Infrastructure

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