Transnational meeting on territorial dialogue and professional training

This second transnational encounter en Grand Est takes place within the framework of the French Presidency of the European Union and the European Youth Conference. V4C partners wish to share and discuss the place of vocational training in rural areas for a successful achievement of the SDGs in 2030.

Animation will be provided by the MFR network (Grand-Est; Drôme-Ardèche; Gard) accompanied by Provox, Batik International and CNAJEP delegates concerning the method. The delegations represented are made up of young leaders and decision-makers with a role in governance and territorial dialogue related to vocational training and the SDGs.

For this transnational meeting taking place in Strasbourg from 24 to 26 January 2022, representatives from several countries (France, Croatia, Iceland, Romania, Slovenia, etc.) will share their experiences on the issue of participation of young people in territorial dialogue with a view to contributing to the EU 2027 strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals, starting from the reality of young people in rural areas and the place that vocational training can take to accelerate change.

Based on their work done in October during theEYES 2021, the group will be enriched by the proposals and contributions directly resulting from the European Youth Conference (EYC) which will take place on this occasion in the Parliament of Strasbourg. These exchanges will also be part of the conference for the future of Europe in order to disseminate the thoughts and proposals of the group.

The participants wish to leave with the tools and methods necessary to be able to deepen the advocacy for vocational training in European rural areas, taking into account the voice of young European elected representatives and the United Nations' horizon 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals) as the EU's vision for rural territories in 2040.

European Youth Conference

Olivier Gineste will be at the European Parliament as a facilitator of the European Youth Conference. European delegates will follow the conference online. If possible, informal meetings will be organized

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