Editorial responsibility

Editorial responsibility

National Union of Rural Family Homes
58, rue Notre Dame de Lorette - 75009 PARIS
Tel: 01 44 91 86 86 - Fax: 01 44 91 95 45

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Dominique Ravon, president of UNMFREO
Roland Grimault, director of UNMFREO

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National Union of Rural Family Homes
58, rue Notre Dame de Lorette - 75009 PARIS
Tel: 01 44 91 86 86 - Fax: 01 44 91 95 45
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The Enchanters
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WANGARDEN - SARL with capital of 25000 €

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No personal information is collected without your knowledge. No personal information is disclosed to third parties.
UNMFREO does not keep information beyond the processing of the information requested in the context of a search for training or employment.
The information provided in the forms in the employment section is mandatory. They are intended for members and departments of MFRs. You can exercise your right of access to information, under the conditions provided for in article 22 of the law of January 6, 1978, and if necessary your right of rectification by writing to UNMFREO - 58 rue Notre-Dame de Lorette - 75009 PARIS, or by calling 01 44 91 86 86 or by email dpo@mfr.asso.fr