Results of the European Conference for Youth experienced by MFR

On the occasion of the European Youth Conference, the MFR network organized an online Brainstorming Lab entitled “Rural youth for a greener and more inclusive Europe”.

A Brainstorming Lab? It's a brainstorming workshop, a brainstorming. Participants ask each other a question in plenary. The group is divided into groups to deal with sub-topics. Ideas are posted on a digital wall. One rapporteur per group gives the main ideas in plenary and the graphic facilitator makes the summary that she proposes to the participants.

A dozen participants – national youth delegates – met to discuss the main issues of the theme: rural youth and the SDGs, the voice of young people in rural areas including digital issues, spaces for partnership and cooperation for rural youth. Our group welcomed a decision maker: Karine Gloanec Maurin

Thanks to the remarkable work of the graphic facilitator, here are the results in the form of a digital fresco:

The next step is a complementary consultation in all countries to deepen and clarify the topics before the next conference which will take place in the Czech Republic in the autumn. This 2nd conference will be based on this work to arrive at proposals to be made to the Council of Europe. The latter will publish them in the form of resolutions.

For the MFR, it will be more direct and more concrete: the participants will share their experience with their colleagues and at the GA of the Drôme Ardèche federation. They will share their work during the festival Maydays on May 18 and 19 and during European Development Days in Brussels on June 15 and 16

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