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VET 4 CHANGE labeled “good practice” by the Erasmus+ agency

VET 4 CHANGE - entitled “sustainable development of rural areas through vocational training” is labeled as an example of good practice.

The regenerative economy, a new look at the development of territories and the place of MFR

The generative economy to enable economic and social benefits to be multiplied while restoring environmental ecosystems.

Learn more about VET development in the Netherlands

strategies for immigrant students, workplace learning, integrating artificial intelligence and automation into the digital skills of future professionals

International Biennial of Education, Training and Professional Practices

“Building oneself with and in the world: Part of oneself, part of others” was the...

European Year of Skills: towards digital and green technologies

The Year will begin on May 9 and last 12 months, with many actions and initiatives to launch and promote. Create your own event.

The future of Erasmus: take part in the public consultation

Participate here before December 8, 2023, allow 30 minutes of your time. To date, more than 500 reviews have already been accepted. France only represents 6% of respondents.

Mobilize populations far from employment

Proposal for training engineering that favors 6 interactive dimensions

Pro Action Café: the method

The Pro Action Café is an animation workshop allowing the reflection of a collective for the emergence of avenues on the problem or the questioning of an individual (in terms of the development of their structure, their environment or territory).

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