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Solidarity connection. The big meeting

Young people from the MFR Anneyron will participate in the animation of the event on the central plateau in Paris: Gabrielle and Mathieu, 2 young people hired to co-animate the event.

Publication: "In full letters n ° 165"

These initiatives will continue in 2022 with in particular the European Youth Conference in January in Strasbourg, which will allow young people to inform decision-makers about issues that have an effect on their lives and to discuss youth policy.

Strategies and opportunities: environment and fight against climate change

Engage with students, parents and the wider community on the changes needed for a successful transition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050

Training session I - October 2021

This first training session is designed to share concepts and knowledge in order to contribute to a better territorial dialogue in rural areas

Praline [Promoting Adult Learning In Networks]

This project aims to promote Adult Education and Training in Europe through dialogue with the European Commission which is based on peer-to-peer exchange activities on 8 themes.

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