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A delegation of young people from MFR was present in Paris from November 18 to 20 for the...

Anneyron's MFR at the European Youth Conference [EYC] in Prague

The EU Youth Dialogue (EUYD) is the European participatory process which, through cycles of...

Provox: newsletter for young people who get involved in what they watch

"Commit to a Sustainable and Inclusive Europe" through 5 sub-themes: Information and Education Action and Empowerment Governance Solidarity and Mobility Access to Infrastructure

Recommendations from young people in Europe to facilitate their participation in decision-making spaces

The 8th cycle Provox "Participation, emancipation, transformation" is about the political participation of young people and is based...

European Youth Conference

We are heard but not really listened to

What is structured dialogue?

The objective of the structured dialogue is to organize existing spaces for debate and participation in order to give voice to young people to enable them to participate actively in the democratic decision-making processes of youth policies.

Provox lived by the young people of the Indian Ocean

A look back at the participation of the Réunion delegation, from the Kozemen by CRAJEP Réunion commission, at the PROVOX festival in Lathus-Saint-Rémy (near Poitiers) on July 2, 3 and 4, 2021

Survey - do young people have the power to act?

Find the results of the survey on the participation of young people from MFR in the European citizen dialogue

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