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Become a changemaker in 8 steps

The rural youth of MFR are fully involved in this project and present you how to join ...

Escape game: journey beyond prejudices


Young people challenge decision-makers

Young people from MFR met in Granada and together called on decision-makers, Europeans but also on the boards of directors of MFRs, to take up current issues and allow young people to be able to act.

Escape game: let's light up the future


We, the young people of MFR and of Europe, we commit ourselves in 2020 to ...

European objectives for rural youth Promote a global vision based on human rights Exchange with others ...

The song of change

It's time to come together and act Save our lives and those of future generations Yes act, act, act And soon we'll be proud When people say thank you, yes thank you thank you

Welcome to Maydays MFR France

The virtual festival that respects physical but not social distancing!

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