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The use of European funds by the Osijek School of Tourism

They have accessed European funds amounting to 11 million euros to modernize the equipment used in the school, the buildings, the courses of excellence and to produce a change in the method of teaching subjects and manuals.

Non-formal education at the “Terre sans frontières” festival

Young people develop practical skills, receive public recognition for their work from the authorities present at the festival

V4C teams at the UITR: why do it?

By participating in the workshops focused on the strong axis of this meeting "innovations and changes in the professions: the needs for new skills", and on the strength of their experience, the members hope to testify to their observations and practices.

VET, the link between the needs of the territories and cooperation between training establishments

The internship must also be in a more formal collaboration. This does not only mean that the faculties work together, but that the school, as a professional school, provides formal means of obtaining information on needs and requirements.

Tribune "Possibility of contribution of vocational education to the development and revitalization of rural areas"

You can read the article in Croatian here or find it translated below: Last week,...

Piloting territorial dynamics: intercultural encounter, leadership and co-development

For this second training session - from May 9 to 13 in Slovenia - with a...

Living in community: the example of the village of Lümanda

As part of the GAL project, they repaired the old windmill, which was also community work. They have a juniper syrup production which is run as a family business based on local resources.

How to never give up on cooperation, group effort and teamwork

It is almost as if this school had its own micro-industry, following the needs of the labor market, and also those of the community of Saaremaa. In fact, the main purpose of this school is to keep graduates at home, here on the island or on the mainland.

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