A territorial animator must know his territory

“A territorial leader must know his territory”, this is the starting point of the recruitment which took place in Provence for a Leader project. It is indeed an indisputable asset to be able to rely on a network, knowledge of local issues and a desire to participate in the development of one's direct environment. However, this is not the only important criterion and this 13-month mission is an opportunity to review the profile expected for this type of mission with multiple ramifications.


In the morning by videoconference with European actors committed to participatory citizenship, in the afternoon at lunch to bring together local socio-cultural partners and in the afternoon leading a collective intelligence workshop for 20 young people... here is an example of a day that requires adaptability and high link quality. Because to this is added the necessary understanding of the administrative aspect and communication around the project. When we talk about versatility, it is a set of technical know-how (logistics, editorial, image processing, coordination, animation, facilitation, etc.) and well-executed soft skills.

#Heart of the project

In the case of the TiDE! in Provence, the basis of the position of territorial facilitator is to implement a dynamic so that young people from rural areas commit to a more inclusive and sustainable territory. To strengthen young people's power to act, promote awareness of their bodies and their voices, contact and the ability to create bonds with emerging adults aged 15 to 25 is essential. Obviously if the project was aimed at another audience, experience with this audience (senior, disabled, etc.) would be a crucial element in the success of the project. Especially during such fast-paced projects, knowing “your” audience is valuable.

#Adjust your speech

Brought to exchange with a prefect, a 70-year-old volunteer from the local association, a lonely 16-year-old teenager, a journalist or the president of the intercommunality, the The territorial animator adapts his speech, his vocabulary but also his appearance to be able to integrate relational codes and truly be at the service of the mission. It is a complex network which allows the emergence of virtuous territorial development. Each element is not sufficient, the interconnection of numerous factors creates an engine that can work the soil from plowing to harvest. 

#Building connections is a balancing act

Even if 5-legged sheep are rare birds, passionate weavers exist and can be delighted to indulge in a balancing act provided they see meaning in it. For what ? With what intentions do we work? To do this, including a written framework when applying for grants provides a solid basis for actions. Returning regularly to the genesis of the project, understanding its history and constraints leads to both a restriction of possibilities and a precise direction. So, let's take the time at the beginning to fully grasp the essence of the mission, to exchange with those who are at its origin, to collaborate with those who have similar experiences. Any long-term change is done step by step knowing where we are going.

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