VET 4 Change

VET 4 Change is a program for the exchange of practices in Europe which aims to strengthen the capacity for dialogue in rural areas, taking into account vocational training and the participation of young people.

Development axes in the form of challenges

  • Innovate - How to transform the social and economic crisis in Europe into opportunities to open up new fields of action and reflection by innovating in sharing and learning approaches?
  • Promote - How to accelerate the mobilization (initiate dialogue with) more actors (stakeholders) in our territories to let us know their way of promoting VET?
  • Listening - Being able and having the methods to listen to the students, the territories and all the organizations involved (companies, sectors) taking into account the needs of the people / territories
  • Adapt - beyond the pandemic consequences in our societies


We must now plan the time to meet the Key Actors, who could be:

  • Youth and "adults in the making" - Young people are increasingly educated, have easier access to social, health and education services. We can reach the new generation with innovative ideas as well as people who are just discovering the benefits of lifelong learning.
  • Workplaces and companies - Among the actors, we could have more entrepreneurs involved in the training of young people in rural areas in
  • Climate change, digitization and innovative methods to increase the economic activities of young people
  • Authorities and institutions - Better connection between stakeholders and local authorities


  • Networking - We have relationships with different organizations: VET providers, social economy organizations (companies or federations ...), NGOs or institutions
  • Chat - Look for opportunities to discuss shared interests and possibilities
  • Training - We can organize information sessions and listen to people's needs
  • Expand - Find or create channels for contact, discussion and ongoing collaboration within our business


  • Cooperation - The tendency / tradition to work in our own corners without looking beyond
  • Interest - Low level of communication and low interest in VET in general
  • The weather - Any unavailability of actors / shareholders and lack of time or interest in cooperation, to meet, explain and build common responses according to their circumstantial interest
  • Territories - The current low level of cooperation between VET institutions and regional development agencies, which leads to a lack of awareness of the opportunities for some countries

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