Voting in the European elections is crucial for young people

Voting in the European elections is crucial for young people. The members of the Europe & Citizenship commission of the Board of Directors of the National Union of MFR position themselves on the following reasons.

1. Influence on Policies

Voice in decisions: Young people can influence decisions on important issues like the environment, education, the labor market and digital rights. The policies adopted by the European Union (EU) have a direct impact on their future and opportunities.

2. Protection of Rights

Guarantees of freedoms: The EU plays a key role in protecting human rights, promoting equality and combating discrimination. Voting ensures that elected representatives defend these values ​​and put in place measures to protect them.

3. Responses to Global Challenges

Global crises: The EU has the capacity to collectively respond to global challenges such as climate change, pandemics and economic crises. The participation of young people in this process is essential to guarantee sustainable solutions adapted to their future needs.

4. Strengthening Democracy

Active participation : Voting is an act of civic participation that strengthens democracy. Young people can contribute to balanced representation and the legitimacy of European institutions.

5. Advantages of Mobility

Youth programs: The EU offers various mobility and exchange programs, such as Erasmus+, which provide educational and professional opportunities. Voting helps support and improve these programs.

6. Voices of Future Generations

Longevity of impacts: Political decisions made today will have long-term repercussions. Young people, who will live with these consequences for longer, have every interest in making their voices heard now.

7. Support for Innovation and Employment

Economy and work: The EU is working on initiatives to boost innovation, create jobs and support startups. Young people, often those most affected by unemployment, can thus ensure that their economic concerns are taken into account.

In conclusion, voting in the European elections allows young people to shape a future that reflects their values ​​and addresses their concerns, while actively participating in building a more just, sustainable and prosperous society.

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