#YouthGoals for youth, Europe and pop education

The MFR network takes up these questions thanks to the positioning of the boards of directors and the commitment of the teams to European programs

To get your bearings, here is the checklist of 11 Youth Goals and their declension:

  1. Connecting the European Union with youth: Promoting young people's sense of belonging to the European project and building bridges between the EU and young people in order to restore their confidence in the EU and increase their participation in it
  2. All gender equality: Ensuring all gender equality and gendered approaches in all areas of a young person's life
  3. Inclusive societies: Enabling and ensuring the inclusion of all young people in society
  4. Information and constructive dialogue: Ensure young people have better access to reliable information, encourage their ability to critically evaluate information and engage in participatory and constructive dialogue
  5. Mental health and well-being: Achieve a better level of mental well-being and end the stigmatization of mental health problems, promoting the social inclusion of all young people
  6. Support rural youth: Create favorable conditions for the fulfillment of young people and their potential in rural areas
  7. Job quality for all: Ensuring accessibility to the labor market for all young people with opportunities leading to quality jobs
  8. Quality Apprenticeships: Include and enhance the different forms of learning that prepare young people for the challenges of the 21st century and a changing society
  9. Spaces and participation for all: Strengthen the democratic participation and autonomy of young people while providing them with spaces dedicated to youth in all spheres of society
  10. A green and sustainable Europe: Achieving a society in which all young people are ecologically active, aware and able to make a difference in their daily lives
  11. Youth organizations and European programs: Ensuring equal access to youth organizations and European youth programs for all young people, in order to build a society based on European values ​​and a common culture

On what objectives is your MFR positioned? What activities do you put in place so that your young people fully experience your European citizenship? We are fond of your testimonies and at your disposal to accompany you on European projects oriented on the theme of European citizenship

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